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I.T.T. "E. Mattei" - Sondrio

About us

[Italian version] 

IstitutoTecnicoIndustriale ‘EneaMattei’ is the only technical school of this type in the whole province of Sondrio, with about 850 students  and 100 teachers (data of the year 2014).  It provides schooling and practical training in several technological fields, which are its mains, as well as in basic humanistic subjects (Italian literature, History, English) and scientific subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology). The mains, which must be chosen in the first year, are basically two for every branch:  Mechanical Engineering ( Mechatronics, Energy= Plants Mechanics), ElectricalEngineering(Electronics,Electrotechnology),Informatics (Telecommunications, Informatics)andChemicalTechnologies (Medical Biotechnology).

The school is endowed with state of the art labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, Electrotechnic, Electronics and Telecommunications, Informatics.

School students, who have satisfactorily concluded their third and fourth year in June, can attend a practical training (in Italy called ‘stage’) in local firms connected with their subject of study, during the summer holidays.  During school time students are also trained for passing  Cambridge ESOL exams, such as Preliminary English test and First Certificate English, as well as ECDL and  Microsoft IT Academy, on a voluntary basis.

After their degree, students can easily find a job (as many examples prove) or continue their study at university. Through taking part in projects, such as ‘ProgettoFIxO’, or activities promoted by organizations such as’ Il Quadrivio’, school provides help to school-leaving students in choosing their career or  university orientation.

NEW UPDATED Version  by Paola Bertoli, Teacher of English in this school